2023 Greater Bay Area Dance Festival

Habitat, Let’s Leave This Place Roofless, Imago


<Habitat> <Let’s Leave This Place Roofless> Stella & Artists (Macao)


<Imago> James Pett & Travis Knight-Clausen (UK)

2023.10.02 (周一 Monday)


深圳市龙岗区文化中心音乐厅 Shenzhen Longgang District Culture Center Music Hall



Stella & Artists (Macao)



Choreography:          Chloe WONG

Dancers:                    Chloe WONG, LOK Man Lon

Premiere:                   2022

Program duration:     23 mins


Grow, stretch out, and find a place that resonates with you.



Chloe WONG

A freelance choreographer, dancer and art education practitioner. WONG has traveled to Italy, Germany, Korea and other places to study and perform. She has participated in the GAGA intensive training camp of Batsheva Dance Company in Israel. Her recent performances included: Echoes in Dreams produced by Dirks Theater, The Children’s Hour produced by Theatrestyles. Recent creation included: Habitat presented by Four Dimensional Spatial, Those Beautiful Looking Places presented in OffSite, produced by Soda City Experimental Workshop.





<Let’s Leave This Place Roofless>

Choreography:          Albert GARCIA

Rehearsal Assistant: YUAN Yi Chieh

Dancers:                    LEONG Pou Seng, LOENG Kuan Pou

Premiere:                   2021

Program duration:     17 mins

Pix剧照2《没有屋顶》©️Erik Tam.jpg

Poet Rupi KAUR wrote:

“There are mountains growing beneath our ‘feet’ that cannot be contained.

All we’ve endured has prepared us for this.

Bring our hammers and fist.

We have a glass ceiling to shatter.”

Pix剧照1《没有屋顶》©️Erik Tam.jpg



A multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in Macao of Filipino descent. As a migrant and performance maker, GARCIA uses the body and multimedia as a vessel for questioning and showing their identity. Reflecting when viewing the landless state of a multi-hybrid identity. His works interrogate topics about identity, belonging, movements, migration, body of labor and survival. GARCIA is a graduate of University of Macao majored in Media studies and received a Masters in Fine Arts in Dance Performance at the Taipei University of the Arts.


Dance Company

Stella & Artists

Founded in 2012 by Stella HO, Stella & Artists (SA) aims to promote development of the art of dance in Macao. SA endeavors to promote dance education and cultural exchange between Macao and foreign countries. The company keeps on producing a variety of creative dance works by integrating life and culture in Macao, as well as through collaborating with outstanding artists and art troupes from other regions.



Cultural Development Fund of Macao SAR Government

Pix剧照3《没有屋顶》©️Erik Tam.jpg



James Pett & Travis Knight-Clausen (UK)




Choreography: & Performance:    Travis CLAUSEN-KNIGHT, James PETT

Music:                        Sean PETT

Premiere:                   2022

Program duration:     53 mins

Pix2《Imagio潜意象》Erminando Aliaj.jpg

What lies beneath our connection to another human and in particular what is the hidden voice that shares the truth of that connection?

Are we truly ourselves or simply constructed through another, darker influence?

Imago questions the nature of our human condition seen from the perspective of hidden dysfunctions in relationships, experienced in different intoxications that alter, shape and deform the self as well as our relationships.

Pix4《Imagio潜意象》Erminando Aliaj.jpg

Choreographers/Dance Company

A dual creative force based in London UK, James PETT and Travis CLAUSEN-KNIGHT began when they were dancers with Company Wayne McGregor. The pair had performed worldwide in some of the most prestigious theatres including the Palais Garnier with the Paris Opera Ballet, The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and Sadlers Wells Theatre in London UK. In 2019, they were the first international artists to perform contemporary work in the traditional style Noh Theatre in Tokyo. In 2023, PETT & CLAUSEN-KNIGHT became Associate Artists of DANCEHAUSpiù, in Milan.


Pix3《Imagio潜意象》Erminando Aliaj.jpg


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