2023 Greater Bay Area Dance Festival

When Love Walked In


Yossi Berg and Oded Graf Dance Theatre (Israel)

2023.10.03 (周二 Tuesday)


深圳市龙岗区文化中心大剧院 Shenzhen Longgang District Culture Center Grand Theater



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Yossi Berg & Oded Graf Dance Theatre (Israel)


Concept & choreography:          Yossi BERG & Oded GRAF

Music advuce & original score:  Nadav BARNEA

Lighting:                                      Omer SHIZAF

Costumes:                                  Ilanit SHAMIA

Sound technician:                       Eilon PERI

Artistic advisor:                           Rachel ERDOS

Outside eye:                               Nava ZUCKERMAN, Ran BROWN, Nir SEGAL

Dancers:                                     Yossi BERG, Ofri MANTELL, Tal ALDER

Premiere:                                    2019

Program duration:                      65 mins (with no intermission)

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The gap between the way love is presented in culture and the way it is experienced by individuals is the basis and inspiration for Berg and Graf’s dance-musical-performance When Love Walked In. The work is constructed as a series of short stories connected by a body that is in search of intimacy. Three people oscillate between personal nostalgia and collective memory, sing and dance to fill the gap between their inner world and the one outside. The past wanders around the space like a ghost, putting on and taking of the shape of songs that haunt you, and of bodies whose tangible memory has been imprinted on you.


In this piece, the choreographers continue to explore the essence of what it means to be human – to love, to get excited, to fail, to dream, to long for something, to belong and to be estranged. They would like to surface that which is evasive and undefined, and whose edges only art can touch.

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Yossi BERG(right)Oded GRAF(left)

Yossi BERG & Oded GRAF

Yossi & Oded are choreographers, dancers, artistic directors, and founders of the International group Yossi Berg & Oded Graf Dance Theatre (established in 2005).  After having incredibly successful individual careers (Batsheva Dance Company, DV8 Physical Theatre, etc), this dynamic duo has built a reputation for creating supremely physical, provocative, and poignant dance works. Yossi & Oded offer new ways of looking at dance and exploring performance. Their company is touring extensively in the most prestigious festivals around the world: Montpellier Danse France, American Dance Festival, The Joyce Theater NYC, DansensHus Stockholm, SIDance South Korea, to name but a few. They create for dance companies, opera houses and won numerous choreography awards, including special grants from Ballet Master Albert Gaubier’s Foundation in Denmark, The Schusterman and AICF Foundations in the U.S., Iris Garland in Canada, and many others. Yossi & Oded were Aerowaves artists, received Israel's Ministry of Culture Award for Outstanding Choreographers and were awarded the Rosenblum Prize for Artistic Excellence in the Performing Arts. The choreographers’ rich repertory includes more than10 evening length works and many short works. The Company was featured in the movie LET’S DANCE! for ARTE channel and in various publications includingThe Weizmann International Magazine of Science and The New York Times. Yossi Berg & Oded Graf Dance Theatre is a NPO that operates for the promotion and diffusion of the Art of Dance; it responds to the social realities of contemporary life, inspires deeper reflection, and offers hope and beauty. Yossi & Oded are artistic directors, inventors, researchers, dancers, educators, and mentors; in the last years Yossi leads the 'Sadna Gaaton school' and Oded leads the 'Curtain Up' Dance Festival across Israel. They teach extensively around the world, focusing on the next generation of dancers.


Dance Company

Yossi Berg and Oded Graf Dance Theatre

A freelance, project-based company that premieres one to two works by its directors each year.  The choreographers’ unique style incorporates physical movement, text, vocal work, and conceptual research that supports and expresses the theme of each production. For each creation, the company invites different artists including performers, musicians, and set and costume designers to participate in a collaborative process. The company’s repertory features a variety of works ranging from short pieces to full-length evenings, and the number of performers varies from show to show.  Yossi and Oded are often being invited as guest choreographers for other companies.






Rabinovich Foundation, The Lottery Council for Arts, Tel Aviv Municipality, The Ministry of Culture

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