Beijing Dance Festival



Choreography: HAI Xiang, PAN Yu

Presented by: Mid-Mountain Dancers (Changsha)

Performance Date/Time: July 24th, 2019 (Wed) 20:00

Performance Venue: Lyric Theater, Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

SHENG interprets in a triple perspectives of the concept of life, livelihood, and living form, and transcends beyond emotions, history, individuality, storylines and traditions. Instead, it strives to build an eternal, formalized, universal and natural world of aesthetics, showing the fusion as well as conflicts between man and nature. SHENG is based on the technique of “MiaoSheng” that includes points, stops, plain, cut, contraction, partial, flowing, mobile, misposition, geometrical journey.  It blends in elements of “Wu Nuo dance” from ancient Chinese culture and Chinese folk dance.

This multi-cultural aspect of the piece presents its philosophical thinking and compatibility, breaking away from conventional dance vocabulary. The work demonstrates the exploratory aspects of body texture, motion aesthetics and the native energy of life itself.

Company introduction

Mid-Mountain Dancers, founded by Mongolian dancer ZHOU GE Te Li Jia in 2018, is the first contemporary dance company in the Hunan Province. The group aims to provide a dynamic and energetic stage for young dance artists. Its eight dancers are from diverse background as teachers, recent college graduates and current university students who are innocent, courageous and passionate towards dance. Choreography, performance, education and promotion plays as multi-facet development area as the company displays on the contemporary culture and present day living.



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