Beijing Dance Festival



Choreography: Rami BE'ER

Presented by: Kibbutz Contemparary Dance Company (IL)

Performance Date/Time: July 27th, 2019 (Sat) 20:00

Performance Venue: Grand Theater, Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

Asylum explores on many concepts such as: refugees, migrants, identity, freedom, belonging, endorsement, longingness, homeland, and home. Regardless of where one lives, during war or peace time, one’s foundation of his/her existence is his/her pursue on home.

Company Introdyction:

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company performs and represents the works of its artistic director, Rami BE’ER, along with its agile with exquisite technique dancers exemplifies the pinnacle Israeli dance. The late Yehudit ARNON founded the company in 1973 and laid the foundation the company’s international dance village. The village, situated atop the hills in Kibuttz Ga’aton, is comprised of nearly 100 Israeli and international dance artists. This makes up the company, KCDC, the second company, KCDC 2, and the International Study Abroad Dance Program – Dance Journey.

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