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Choreography: Kevin POLAK, XU Zhen

Producer: XU Zhen

Music/Lighting/Costume: Kevin POLAK

Performers: YAO Tian-yue, ZHAO Yan-peng


Everyone has their "lonely moment". Loneliness hides inside the heart of everybody and seldom be spoken of. We are afraid of feeling alone, but we are always handling it. So we end up wandering on the street, expecting the dreams that made us conflicted. We caught the wind but found ourselves chasing. We wanted to drink up the wine but what if we got drunk? We long for the tree that stands in our mind, tall and straight.

An appearance and a shape is the reflection of people’s loneliness. After we have passed through the wasted loneliness of the self, the city shrouds us. However, we are all isolated islands that are floating in the “shell” of the city, to the edge of the islands, we lust for a whole heart. 



In the city, our appearance is fighting and bearing the weight forward, but our shape is hesitating and howling in a corner inside of us……. Loneliness is the disappointment left by us when galloping in a noisy world.  Struggling through the broken cry, we find ourselves. Loneliness is the beginning of life because everyone is a special being.

The show is in the form of contemporary dance and drama narration, presenting the feeling of loneliness in the lives of the young generation. It uses the unity and the separation of the“body” and “soul” to describe a psychological process of struggling in loneliness to awakening from loneliness to becoming a complete individual.




Artist-in-residence at the Tang Dynasty Body Theater and star dancer at the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). From 1993 to 1996, he worked in the three top Dutch dance companies Introdans, NND Galili Modern Dance Company, and Rotterdam Scarpino Modern Dance Company. From 2004 to 2005, he joined Rogie Dance Company and Conny Janssen Danst Dance Company.

Representative works: "Alone", "Back View", "If I still love you", "5 Women 2.0", "Intimacy", "How to Start", "X Incident Book"

XU Zhen

Art Director of Tang Dynasty Body Theater

Master of Dance Aesthetics,Xi'an Conservatory of music

She was employed in Xi'an Conservatory of Music and Dance Department of Shaanxi Normal University

Representative works: "Thirteen Hairpins", "Autumn Dreams", "Four", "Someone and Something"



Tang Dynasty Body Theater is the first and only comtemporary dance company in Shaanxi. Based on the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, the dance company strives to reproduce the inclusiveness and the " prosperous age" of the ancient Tang dynasty, while also digging into the ancient inheritance and expression under the modern aesthetics.

As a "beneficiary" of comtemporary dance, the Tang Dynasty Body Theater actively facilitates the development and concept of comtemporary dance, and has successfully held many comtemporary dance workshops, master classes, "Comtemporary Dance Into Campus" activities and an art festival of original works performed by young choreographers. In the current fast-paced life, we use dance as a medium to record life and love in a physical way.










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