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Duration: 80mins

Choreography: ZHOU Shu-yi

Music: WANG Yu-jun

Stage/Lighting: Joy CHEN

Costume Supervisor: XING Ya-meng

“Dancing in Beijing is not just a story about dancing in Beijing, instead it is on the mysterious motivation behind why every life chooses to move to here.“

-- CHOU Shu-yi

Choices, arriving, departing, is a piece about a tacit journal of wanderers, a non-stop progression of the body.  For more than three months, CHOU Shu-yi, young choreographer from Taiwan, and LDTX’s dancers were exploring on the energy behind the migration of life.  Together they produced an experimental work, Dancing in Beijing.

Dancing, began as a dream.  14 persons come to Beijing because they want to dance.  It is like a long and dedicated practice, mirroring the loneliness and cheerfulness, reflecting an inverted image of dream and reality.

Dancing in Beijing dances on yesterday’s memories, today’s choices and in search of tomorrow’s oneself.


Choreographer Introduction


ZHOU Shu-yi

Born in Taiwan, Chou Shu-yi started his dance training at the age of 10, and began his artistic career as an independent dancer and choreographer in his twenties. Through dance, he re-examines his own life, connecting dance and body with environment and society. He has performed his choreography or taken part in artist residencies at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London; Fall for Dance Festival in New York; Internationale Tanzmesse in Germany; Festival d’Avignon OFF and Le Collectif Essonne Danse in France; and created commissions for Hong Kong Arts Festival and Taiwan National Theater and Concert Hall. He co-founded Horse Dance Company (Taiwan) in 2004 and established Shu-Yi & Dancers (Taiwan) in 2011 to explore further connections between art and society. Chou has focused on an exploration of vocabulary in Asian bodies in recent years. He continues to collaborate with artists from different fields.  His most recent choreographies include: Almost 55 for CCDC and Dancing in Beijing for BeijingDance/LDTX.

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