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Choreography: WANG Yuan-qing

Music: LIU Yi-wei

Lighting: Joy CHEN

Costume Co-ordination: XING Ya-meng

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Living under the big data and AI (artificial intelligence) surroundings,

Everyone’s digital footprint could be traced and analyzed, hence forming a virtual you.

The moments, pictures and videos we posted on the web, our daily life becomes partially exposed and further turns into “digital heritage” or becomes “digital remains”.

If we are to look back at how many pictures we had taken and how many video clippings we had produced,

To click on your chats with a friend whom you had not been in contact for a while,

Would you be surprised there were lots of interactions you have had?

How big of a difference is there between the you in the digital game and the you in real life?

Would the digital “me”, left behind from my digital footprint make us restless-in-peace?

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WANG Yuan-qing

An art director, choreographer and visual designer, WANG Quan-qing has been active in integrated creation across multiple medium and arts forms with dance, drama, music and visual.  He had provided graphic designs for Beijing Dance Festival, Les Années Chine-France and Dance Forum China-Japan; and was a co-planner for the Sino-German Jazz Improvise Meeting Festival, director of visual design with Le Sports of LeEco Group.  In 2014, WANG founded AW Planet Experimental Arts Studio, in 2016, he joined Taiwan’s Horse Dance Theater and was a guest choreographer with BeijingDance/LDTX.

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