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2021·Spring Showcase

2021·Spring Showcase One

Company members’choreography

Lighting: Joy CHEN

Props&Stage Manager: WANG Shi-jie

Costume: XING Ya-meng

Program duration: 80 mins(No Intermission)


336 Hours

“Are you lonely?”

“Yeah, I am bored.”

Choreography:  FENG Xiao-ming

Music:  Max RICHTER, Robert WYATT, Louisa FULLER, Natalia BONNER, Rico COSTA, John METCALFE, Ian BURDGE, Chris WORSEY, ZHENG Jing-ru

Dancer:  JIANG Yi-fang


Person No. 0

In every crowd, there is always a person being sidelined or ignored, exemplifying the existence of person number zero.

Choreography:  SHI Yao-jia

Music:  West with the Night

Dancers: FENG Xiao-ming, HAO Ying, HUANG Siang, SHI Yao-jia, TIAN Ru-meng, YANG Ye-jun


Stone, Paper, Scissor Remix

Adults on left, children on right.

Choreography:  MA Yue

Music:  ilem

Dancers:  FENG Xiao-ming, GAO Rong, MA Yue

Guest appearance:  HAO Ying, SHI Chuan, WU Mi, YANG Ye-jun, YI Fan, ZHANG Xue-feng



Boundless has a certain look

Fuzzy has a certain look

At a loss has a certain look

Being confused and perturbed has a certain look

What is that look?

Choreography / Dancer: WU Mi

Music:  Max RICHTER


Plaza Dancing 1.0

With the Plaza Dancing format that everyone loves, let’s explore the relationship between individual and group, personality and universality.

Choreography: HAO Ying


Dancers: All Dancers

2021·Spring Showcase Two

Company members’choreography

Lighting: Joy CHEN

Props&Stage Manager: WANG Shi-jie

Costume: XING Ya-meng

Program duration: 90 mins(No Intermission)


Four Men and A Wall

If it wasn't sex, guys would actually prefer to hang out with guys.

Choreography:  HAO Ying

Music:  Agnes OBEL, Gustavo SANTAOLALLA

Dancers:  FENG Xiao-ming, HAO Ying, JIANG Yi-fang, WU Mi


Cold Boiled Water

Life is often regular. Other people's may not be your cup of "drink" to quench your thirst. Adjust your mindset, look for a cup with a taste of lightheartedness.

Choreography / Performance:  GAO Rong,MA Yue

Music:  Bill EVANS


Her and Her, Me and Me

The bifurcation between the "heart" and the "brain", the entanglement between "you" and "you".

Choreography / Performance: SHI Yao-jia

Music:  Pan Sonic, West with the Night


Tuan Tuan

Tuan Tuan, boy, arrived into our world six months ago. As new parent, we are both excited as well as feeling helpless, coupled with lack of sleep and pressure in life. But no matter what, as soon as we see his giggles and laughs, all hardship goes away. The love from the family and friends is also like a shining light brightening up all the darkness.

Choreography:  SHEN Wan-ying

Music: Arp, Johannes BRAHMS, Whale Circus

Dancers: SHEN Wan-ying, ZHANG Xue-feng


Bird Song: Song of The Mountain

Song of the Mountains is a section of Bird Song, premiered by the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) in 1990 in Hong Kong, consists of six chapters: Song of the Canyon, Song of the Mountain, Song of the Plains, Song of the River, Song of the Waterfall and Song of the Sky. Bird Song, under the imagery approach, explores the journey of mankind, going from the realm of necessity to freedom.

Choreography:  Willy TSAO

Music:  Le Mysfere Des Voix Bulgares

Dancer: SHI Chuan


The Machine

Without a  doubt, it is full of blanks here…

Choreography / Performance: YANG Ye-ju,  HAO Ying

Music:  Haris ALEXIOU, Krisz DEAK


To Be Or Not To Be

Gloominess or rebirth? Smile or tears? Light and darkness appears in a split-second choice.

Choreography: JIANG Yi-fang

Music:  Sufjan STEVENS

Dancers:JIANG Yi-fang, MA Yue


I Dreamed A Dream

Choreography / Performance: HUANG Siang

Music: Max RICHTER



The world is full of turmoil and People are full of unrest. It's like the dust floating and filling in the air, When can they be settled?

Choreography:  ADIYA, FENG Xiao-ming, YI Fan

Music:  Jason HOU

Dancers:  FENG Xiao-ming,  YI Fan


Curtain Call

Every year, LDTX provides an opportunity for dancers to create his/her own choreography. Each of the works are full of individuality, and maybe seen as individual pieces among the eyes of the audience, but to me, they are different results of similarity of different thinking and approaches as they are all originated from the same lifestyle and environment.  As this work comes to the end, I am more interested to explore and present how the individual dancers continue to move forward with the new thinking.

Choreography:  ZHANG Xue-feng

Music:  Johann STRAUSS JR

Dancers:  All Dancers



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